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Shorinryu 小林流 (Kobayashiryu) is an ancient Martial Art of a very high technical standard from Shuri, Okinawa in the Ryukyu Kingdom, the birthplace of Karate, passed down from its creator, Chibana Chōshin .

Although there are now many practitioners of modern 20th century sport versions of Karate from Mainland Japan (such as Shotokan, Wadoryu, Kyokushinkai etc.), we are dedicated solely to the study, practice and teaching of this original, older style.

Our focus is largely on Kata (form), technique and health. Having trained and studied with Masters on the island of Okinawa, our primarily mission is to help them to preserve and teach these precious, original  Kata.

We will teach students (aged 10 upwards), no previous knowledge or experience is required.
This is not "Sport Karate", a different approach in discipline and attitude is required to progress in the training we offer.
All that is required from you is dedication, perseverance and integrity to become a respected Karateka.

Hyaku Dojo, established in Leicester, UK.

You may wish to request permission to train at this dojo, all genuine inquiries will be replied but not all applicants will be successful.

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"A Karateka's life-long goal is to find and maintain balance between skill and integrity; initially for the betterment of one's own life, ultimately for the betterment of the World."  ~Peter Tinsley.

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