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Hyaku Dojo is a non-violent school, primarily concerned with the preservation of Okinawan Shorinryu, the origin of Karate.

We teach any student (aged 10 upwards). No previous knowledge or experience is required.

All that is required fro you is dedication and perseverance to become a respected Karateka. This is not "Sport Karate", a different approach in discipline and attitude is required to progress in the training we offer.

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What is Karate?
Karate is an ancient Martial Art from the Ryukyu Kingdom, Uchina (Okinawa). Although there are now many modern 20th Century Sport Karate versions from Japan, such as Shotokan, Wadoryu, Kyokushin, etc., not many schools are dedicated to the study or teaching of the original, older styles outside of Okinawa.

Based in Leicester UK, we are a Karate school who are dedicated solely to Traditional Okinawan Shorin-Ryu 小林流 (Kobayashi) Karatedo.

"A Karateka's life-long goal is to find and maintain balance between skill and integrity; initially for the betterment of one's ownlife, ultimately for the betterment of the World."  ~Peter Tinsley.

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