◾ Shorinryu Bunkai 

Bunkai (break-down and analysis of Kata) gives a much deeper understanding of Kata; from regular practice of bunkai can be derived the true feeling, meaning and interpretation of techniques and movements. We begin to see and test how kata may be applied in different situations, both in the mind and with the use of a training partner. The following are excerpts from the repertoire of concepts and ideas inspired by the various Shorinryu kata. These are just my ideas so feel free to devise your own or expand and develop these.

More to be filmed and uploaded soon (Last updated - Jun 22 2014).


The following techniques are very dangerous. Please do not attempt these unless you are supervised by a professional, insured instructor. Never misuse them on a person or persons, as you are likely to cause extreme long-term damage and could be prosecuted by them. I cannot accept responsibility, outside of my Dojo, for any accidents or injuries caused by the practice of these techniques. Thank You.


Mawashi Uke (circular block) - Jitte/Sanchin

Naihanchin Shodan

Naihanchin Shodan

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