◾ Sparring and Grappling 

Kumite is the application of Kata and Bunkai in a semi-relistic environment to safely simulate self defence. Our Kumite system (grappling/sparring) aims to incorporate the Kihon techniques and stances, used in partner-work as self-defence, where correct distancing and timing are also considered and developed. Transition and evasion strategies are primarily combined with the various blocks, stances and strikes for beginners, with the addition of basic throws, locks, chokes and take-downs for intermediate and advanced students. The following videos and pictures are intended only as reference for Hyaku Dojo students.


The following techniques are very dangerous. Please do not attempt these unless you are supervised by a professional, insured instructor. Never misuse them on a person or persons, as you are likely to cause extreme long-term damage and could be prosecuted by them. I cannot accept responsibility, outside of my Dojo, for any accidents or injuries caused by the practice of these techniques. Thank You.

Kihon Ippon Kumite (basic, one-step sparring drills)

Ippon Kumite (intermediate, one step sparring drills)

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