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Okinawa Day 2016 - London, Spitalfields Market

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Monday, June 27, 2016
Thank you Frank Rhinds Sensei of -Shorinryu shorinkan okinawan karate kobudo nottingham UK- for inviting me to perform Shorinyru Kata in Spitalfields Market, London for the Okinawa Day celebrations. Had a really great time there, such a friendly, happy atmosphere. Congratulations to everyone who performed; some excellent Karate, Kobudo and Ti demonstrations, Sanshin music, traditional Okinawan dancing, Okinawan food and great to see and speak to some friendly Okinawan people. Was a pleasure t...
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Koryu Uchinadi - Galway, Ireland

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Was happy to have been invited to the annual Koryu Uchinadi course, exploring bunkai for Naihanchi Kata in Galway, Ireland. Shihan Dill Young (Seishin Dojo, Sheffield) had contacted me with an invite to train with Hanshi McCarthy Patrick's group. I travelled across to Ireland with Shihan Dill Young and one of his Senior students. Renshi Olaf Krey headed the course and delivered his insight in to the function of the traditional Kata by working a series of drills and routines with the cl...
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Chris Denwood - Naihanchi Kata Vol 1

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Saturday, December 20, 2014

Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata: The Seed of Shuri Karate Vol. 1

Buy Here £24.99

This is an excellent resource for the Kata Naihanchi. Volume one introduces the Kata, focusses on developing a solid foundation and investigates a number of the most important lessons on structure and dynamics to be found within the movements of the form.

140 pages / Paperback / Perfect bound.

Worth a read if you're interested in studying this Kata.
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Frequently Asked Qustions (FAQ's)

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Friday, November 28, 2014
After a few recent enquiries, I decided to publish an FAQ page to the site. It is in the style of a Manga comic and features questions that I've heard from students over the years, and the relevant answers. I've included as much as I can think of but if there are any burning questions left unanswered, please feel free to contact us and we'll add your enquiry to the list.    http://www.hyakudojo.co.uk/faqs.php

Images are courtesy of ComiPo © and are not subject to public domain.

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Hyaku Dojo Emblem

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Friday, November 7, 2014
The Dojo's Emblem explained...

1- In the centre is the Ryukyu Royal Crest to show our respect to the Kingdom and distinguish our ancient lineage from the more modern, Japanese sport Karate. The middle is white, representing purity and the rest is depicted in primary colours to show that many parts make the whole.

2- The black design (Mon), in the middle, is a growing
flower, representing the spread of peace. The colour black was used to signify maturity and proficiency in Karate and als...

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Survey - help us to help you

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 In : Survey 

We're always looking to improve our website and our training services;
for a chance to win free training (for life) please help us by taking this quick (5 questions), no-strings-attached survey.

Thank you!

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Hyaku Dojo gains a new Black-belt!

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Monday, March 10, 2014 In : Black Belt 
Congratulations to those who graded to First Degree Black-Belt (Kuro-obe) recently. Obtaining a Dan grade at our dojo is no easy task and I was extremely happy with the quality of character and Karate displayed throughout. A very high standard has been achieved and I know that our Master, late Arakaki Isamu, would be very proud of our achievement. We now have the privilege of maintaining this level and improving our knowledge and ability, step by step. Well done!

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Buckingham Palace Visit

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 In : Royal Visit 

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Not Forgotten Associations' Buckingham Palace Parade. As part of Group 8 for Gulf War Veterans, we followed the red carpet through the Palace to the garden where we mingled with celebs, met an Air Vice Marshall, Princess Anne and got to speak personally with Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.

We briefly spoke about the Hyaku Dojo in Leicester, my travels to Okinawa and training with Master Arakaki and my time served on a Bomb Disposal Squadron ...
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Hyaku Dojo Paints the Town Red

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Thursday, June 13, 2013 In : charity 
Master Arakaki once explained to me the importance of GoJu (Hard/Soft - Yin-Yang) in Karate training. He said that many masters balance their hard training with a softer art such as poetry, painting or gardening. If we constantly train our mind and body hard, without balance, we become unbalanced in life and our nature is directed negatively.

I was happy when members of Hyaku dojo were invited to Leicester Samaritans to paint their training room. After several hours of cutting in and rolling, ...
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Sheffield Seishin Dojo

Posted by Peter Gerald Tinsley on Sunday, August 5, 2012
Glad to have held a session at the Seishin Dojo in Sheffield for those traveling to Okinawa, Japan in a weeks time! Covered Kihon, Naihanhcin and Passai Dai. Great students and a warm welcome for my first time teaching there. Hope to go back for more training and sharing of Shorin Ryu ideas in the future. Best Regards, Pete.

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