The Dojo's Emblem explained...

1- In the centre is the Ryukyu Royal Crest to show our respect to the Kingdom and distinguish our ancient lineage from the more modern, Japanese sport Karate. The middle is white, representing purity and the rest is depicted in primary colours to show that many parts make the whole.

2- The black design (Mon), in the middle, is a growing
flower, representing the spread of peace. The colour black was used to signify maturity and proficiency in Karate and also indicates imperviousness to darkness and fear.

3- The outer circle of rope is symbolic of strength, unity and the welcome influence of the Okinawan culture and lifestyle.

4- The black Kanji reads "Okinawa", "Shorin Ryu" (Karate) ",U.K.". Hyaku means "100" and Dojo is "Place of Training".

Essentially the emblem represents a peaceful place to train the various elements of Ryukyu Karate, influenced by the Okinawan life-style in pursuit of purity and freedom from fear.