Master Arakaki once explained to me the importance of GoJu (Hard/Soft - Yin-Yang) in Karate training. He said that many masters balance their hard training with a softer art such as poetry, painting or gardening. If we constantly train our mind and body hard, without balance, we become unbalanced in life and our nature is directed negatively.

I was happy when members of Hyaku dojo were invited to Leicester Samaritans to paint their training room. After several hours of cutting in and rolling, the room looked much brighter and fresher. The patrons sent well received thank you letters to those involved for their help on the day. Our extra-curricular activities have helped in a small with the provision of something essential for the community .

Congratulations to those involved and I hope for our Dojo to continue to provide services and charity events into the future.

For those who are interested in the Leicester Samaritans, wish to volunteer or find out more of what they do, here is the link: