Was happy to have been invited to the annual Koryu Uchinadi course, exploring bunkai for Naihanchi Kata in Galway, Ireland. Shihan Dill Young (Seishin Dojo, Sheffield) had contacted me with an invite to train with Hanshi McCarthy Patrick's group. I travelled across to Ireland with Shihan Dill Young and one of his Senior students. Renshi Olaf Krey headed the course and delivered his insight in to the function of the traditional Kata by working a series of drills and routines with the class of 55 International students. The aim of the course was to introduce the concept of using the bunkai as and explanation for the kata and we had several question & answer sessions for those who wanted a deeper understanding of Sensei Olaf's knowledge of his method of Karatedo. He stressed his belief to me that bunkai was the key role to understanding Kata should be introduced to beginners, even before they learn the Kata (which is great for developing fighting ability in my opinion) as opposed to my methodology of Kata being the inspiration for bunkai (which is a more holistic and artistic in my opinion). This highlights the varying aspects of a Martial Art - functional self defence which incorporates artistic expression. It is important to strike a balance between these two (GoJu - hard/soft), despite whichever you decide to give precedence to, they are two halves of the same whole. It was interesting to see a fresh approach to traditional Karate and it is undoubted that Olaf is a great Martial Arts exponent, teacher and fighter. My thanks and best wishes to the group and I hope to see them again in the future for more ideas and inspiration for my journey in the World of Karatedo. I wish to extend my thanks to Shihan Dill Young for inviting me and looking after me, it was a nice tour and I enjoyed the break in Ireland which is a friendly and welcoming Country.