Passai (披塞) is the Okinawan name of a group of kata practiced in Shorin Ryu, There are two variants of this kata, including Passai sho (minor) and Passai dai (major) .This form is at least 400 years old and its creator was left-handed. The Passai kata are usually classed as "intermediate" level.

Several other martial arts have adopted this kata and is known in Japanese styles as Bassai (The Okinawans did not have a clear definition for Funakoshi to translate to Japanese so he substituted it with a similar sounding kanji, "Bassai" which means "extract from a fortress" or "remove an obstruction"). In Korean, the kata has several names: Bassahee, Bal Se, Pal Che, Palsek, Bal Sae, Ba Sa Hee, and Bal Sak.

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