Instructor Biography 

The current Instructor for Hyaku Dojo, Leicester is

Peter Gerald Tinsley.

Pete has been a full-time Karate practitioner since 1986, starting at the age of 10. He studied Shotokan Karate (KUGB) under Janice Clegg (St.Helens) where he was trained and graded by Steve Cattle (Liverpool) in Kata (form) and Kumite (sparring). He competed in Tournaments for several years at Crystal Palace and attended training courses and seminars, under Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, until he attained brown-belt and Janice folded her club with the birth of her child. Janice and Steve gave Peter a good, solid Karate Foundation.

Peter then studied under Eddy Johnson (St. Helens) for many years and was introduced to Traditional Shotokan Karate (TSKK/UKTKF), under the tutelage of Japanese teachers: Masao Kawasoe, Taiji Kase, Hiroshi Shirai and Takeshi Naito. Pete attended many seminars under these Japanese instructors and attained the rank of second Dan black-belt in 1993 under a grading panel of Masao Kawasoe and Taiji Kase at the Heriot Watt University in Scotland.

Eddy, a great Karate technician, centred his teachings on strong fundamentals and Kata and had little involvement in Sport Karate or Tournaments, after travelling to Japan on several occasions to learn their traditional values. Peter and Eddy focussed on training and teaching these Traditional Karate principals together until the club folded shortly after the birth of Eddy's child.

Peter Is indebted to Eddy for his high standard of technical tuition and the insight and attitude this fostered.

Peter then joined the Royal Air Force (as a Bomb-Disposal Technician) and continued his training and teaching in Karate and also began studying Taekwondo (ITF) for 5 years, attaining 1st Degree black Belt under International Instructor, Master Dave Dykes Dc Mmca (Rutland). Peter re-visited several Tournaments during his Taekwondo career, Fighting for the Air-Force Team and competing for England and Britain. Peter attained English Champion status for Tul (form) and was a British Bronze medallist for sparring and achieved an Honourary "Colours" Award from the Military for his recognised contribution to the Martial Arts and became a member of the Royal Air-Force Martial Arts Association.

Peter greatly thanks Dave Dykes for the additional knowledge that Taekwondo has added to his Karate.

Upon Leaving the Military, Pete began training with Dave Wilkins and Lauren Frearson (Leicester) and became friends with Derek Ridgway (Wolverhampton), Chief instructor of Kazoku Kai International. Derek was very knowledgeable of Kata and Bunkai and taught Pete a great deal. After several years of training, Peter was re-graded by Dave and Derek to Second Dan and became Kazoku Kai's "Senior Student of the Year". In 2009, Pete was invited to train in Okinawa, under Isamu Arakaki Sensei (Kodokan) and he continued train in Okinawa (the birthplace of Karate), in the Ryukyu Islands, over several years.

Although wishing them well; after unfortunate political unrest within the UK Kodokan group, Pete decided to break away from Derek, Dave and Lauren and in 2011 set up his own club, Hyaku Dojo (Leicester), hoping to pass down the Traditional Shorin Ryu knowledge and attitude taught by Arakaki Sensei.

Hanshi Arakaki (10thDan) tutored Pete in Traditional Kata (form), as part of a small group, in his private Dojo (school) in Okinawa, Japan. It was here that Pete and other members of the Okinawan Kodokan group were asked to pass down their knowledge of Shorin Ryu (Karate) and inspired Pete to ask for permission to establish a club of his own, here in the UK. Arakaki Sensei was set to grade Pete (to 3rd Dan) but sadly passed away before this was made possible.

Arakak Sensei's knowledge accelerated Peter's understanding of Karate exponentially and has been the single most inspirational teacher on Pete's journey so far is the catalyst for bringing the Hyaku Dojo into existence .

Today, Pete is training in Shorinryu Karatedo and also happily teaches to a small studious group in a private Dojo in Leicester.

Pete is a friendly, informal tutor, ever keen to study and learn. He feels that Karate is more of a life-style than a mere sport and endeavours to portray this to his students through thorough practice and understanding of Kata (form), Bunkai (analysis), and Holistic Training; with a smaller focus on Kumite (sparring).

Pete is fully qualified, insured and Enhanced DBS checked.
Disclosure Number 001341668739

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