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Grading Syllabus

Kata (form): Over time, I will help you to learn these original Kobayashiryu kata, which differ from the modern Kata.

Emphasis is strongly placed on correct performance of each technique; timing; natural breathing, natural posture, feeling, tempo, balance, natural strength, attitude, muscle relaxation and contraction, speed, range of motion and mental focus.

Fundamental Kata Group (Chibana Chōshin)  小林系基本型

  • Kihon Ippon no Kata 基本型一
  • Kihon Nihon no Kata 基本型
  • Kihon Sanbon no Kata 基本型
  • Fukyu no Kata 普及の型
  • Naihanchin Shodan ナイハンチン初段
  • Naihanchin Nidan ナイハンチン二段
  • Naihanhcin Sandan ナイハンチン三段

Pin'an Kata Group (Itosu Ankou) 平安の型 糸洲 安恒

  • Pi'an Shodan 平安 初段
  • Pi'an Nidan 平安 二段
  • Pi'an Sandan 平安 三段
  • Pi'an Yondan 平安 四段
  • Pi'an Godan 平安 五段

Shorinkan Kata Group 小林流 の型

  • Itosu no Passai 糸洲のパッサイ
  • Matsumura no Passai 松村のパッサイ
  • Chinto チントゥー
  • Shūgorō no Kata (Gorin) 周五郎 の型 五輪
  • Gojushiho 五十四歩
  • Kusanku Shou クーサンクー小
  • Kusanku Dai クーサンクー大

Extra Kata Group (Higa Yuchoku) 

  • Fukyugata Ichi 普及型一
  • Fukyugata Ni 普及型二
  • Jitte 十手
  • Jion 慈恩
  • Seisan セーサン
  • Arakaki no Sochin 新垣の ソーチン
     Dojo Kun:                            
  • 真  Seek Truth and Foster Honesty
  • 力  Train and Learn Diligently
  • 助  Help Others as Best You Can
  • 尊  Respect Life and Living Things
  •   Use Karate to Better Your World

-Junbi Undo (softening the body, mobilizing joints, loosening stiffness, stretching, de-stressing, breathing, etc.)

-Hojo Undo (toughening the body, building core strength, mental focus, resistance training, stability, etc.)

-Kihon (fundamental technique - blocking, shielding, punching, kicking, striking, stances, moving, breathing, etc.)

-Kata (Performing sequences of techniques to develop and maintain proper movement, timing, strength and posture). 

-Bunkai (to "take apart" the kata (form) to develop a realistic, practical understanding of Shorinryu).

-Kumite (to practice applying with a partner or to learn striking points or tosimulate self-defense).

"Karate is Kata" Chibana Chōshin

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